“Trent” revealed the Reds. Very happy after “Klopp” renews the contract with the team

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Waiting for a big celebration! Trent Alexander-Arnold Liverpool right-back Identify all teammates who are extremely happy. After knowing that Mr. Put a pen to sign and continue to control the team But it’s not a big celebration. Because everyone pays attention to the game that is waiting first.

From the team Reds Liverpool the giants of the English Premier League football club. It has done an excellent job this season with a chance to make history as the first team from the British Isles. They have won four major football titles in the same season. Including the Premier League FA Cup UEFA Champions League

Most recently, after Liverpool won the Carabao Cup recently. the Kop side received good news continuously. When the team’s boss Jurgen Klopp decided to sign a new contract to stay in charge. He continue team although Klopp previously hinted. He would leave the UFABET club at the end of his contract in 2024.

Liverpool right-back Trent Alexander-Arnold has revealed that all the players in the squad, after hearing the news that Jurgen Klopp has extended their contracts until 2026, are delighted. very much But there wasn’t much celebration. Because now everyone is determined to play. each match to win various titles get it first

“By the way, this is a special season. It’s our hope that we can be in history again and that Klopp’s stay at Liverpool has given us more encouragement. And hopefully we can have a season like this for another 4 years, but in the past, no one has talked about it seriously. Because we are all focused on what we have to do now,” Trent Alexander-Arnold said.