The southern tiger’s footballer was severely scolded after flying to Ibiza despite who just lost in the league

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Superman Lothar Matthaus, former Germany captain and Bundesliga legend, has blamed the Bayern Munich star for his trip to the island. Ibiza heaven in spite of who just lost in the league

Bayern Munich players have been heavily criticized. After flying to Ibiza the party island paradise shortly. After the team ‘s 3-1 defeat to Mainz in the Bundesliga club legend Lothar Matthaus blamed. It’s a trip that Unacceptable the Southern Tigers. They have successfully won the league title perhaps in a mental retreat before heading to the Baleares Islands.

Julian Nagelsmann’s side were beaten 3-1 by goals from Jonathan Burcardt, Musa Niagati and Leandro Barreiro, with Roberto. Lewandowski scored one goal for the UFABET team on Saturday, 30 April 2022, equating to two games remaining in the domestic season , so Nagelsmann allowed his players to stop in. Sunday and Monday and the team decided to fly to the island of Ibiza. until they are called back to practice the following Tuesday. According to Bild , only four players who did not travel abroad this time are Thomas Muller, Kingsley Coman, Dayot Upamecano and Buna Sarr.

        Matthaus was among those who criticized the short holiday. of the South Tiger players by saying it ‘Unacceptable’ by claiming that he would use ‘Tougher measures’ if he’s the coach of Bayern Munich ” It’s really unacceptable. Especially after games like this,” he told Sky in Germany. “If they won the game yesterday, I would say: ‘Three days in Ibiza’. I’m going to take a more drastic measure: the rest day after the match [should] be cancelled.”

        Felix Makath, former Fulham manager who had coached Bayern for three years between 2004-2007 agreed with Matthaus He accused the team of not focusing on what they were doing and the consequences were bad things that happened. ‘Certainly won’t let that happen’ 

        “I don’t know how the team can say that. ‘For us the season is not over because we finished [the season] three weeks in advance,'” he said. “That doesn’t benefit the Bundesliga or any competition.” [Having a trip to Ibiza] What can I say? The English team has been doing this for a long time. But I don’t know if they did [after] that kind of result or not.” “I definitely wouldn’t allow that. That kind of thing wouldn’t come into my mind. Let’s see what happens next. Celebrating the championship is understandable if it’s just one time. But not for three weeks.”

        Hasan Salihamidcic, Bayern sporting director came out to defend the player’s journey to Ibiza, emphasizing that it was It was a ‘team-building measure’ and added that it could be a ‘important’ moment to help the team bounce back from their defeat against Mainz. “Last week the players informed us they want to spend two days off training at Ibiza,” he said. “We accept this as a team-building measure .” myself and my future path since getting out of the Champions League, we found that to be a good thing. as a player I learned how strength can grow from defeat. Such joint actions of the team can be fundamental here.”