Lampard slams Singha players for worst performance since comeback

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Frank Lampard, temporary head coach of Chelsea, shuffled the players to play at home. But instead showed a poor form, losing 1-2 to Brighton, his third straight defeat since being appointed and his worst form of the three games in charge.

Chelsea boss Frank Lampard has admitted his players have been in the worst form of the three games he has been in as interim manager. In addition, the opponent played better and deserved to win with more scores after the Blues opened the Stamford Bridge stadium, defeated by Brighton and Hove Albion 1-2 in the English Premier League when Saturday, April

Lampard slams Singha players for worst performance since comeback

Before kick-off, the hosts had already lost two games since bringing Lamps back, but were away at Wolverhampton Wanderers in the league and in the UCLA Cup against Real Madrid. Playing in the nest, they aimed to create a winning hand in front of the fans and just 13 minutes they had a headline from Conor Gallagher, but after that, with a second form of the UFABET gamethe Seagulls shot over to win from Dan. Hey Welbeck and Julio Nciso take home the three points.

After the game, the 44-year-old trainer came out and said. It was the most disappointing performance in three games since his return to the Bridge . they play as a team They have been working together for a long time. Gotta give them credit But from our side’s point of view, we still didn’t play well enough. All the basics of football, fighting, running, etc. We are still missing. We have to motivate ourselves out of that as soon as possible.”

from statistics throughout the game navy blue lion There are 8 chances to score a goal, get into the frame 2 times, and the Seagulls have 26 chances to get into the frame 10 times, which means that the visiting team has more creative strokes. Therefore, it is not surprising that Lampard came out to chop the form of the team playing in his own nest. But unable to create an advantage at all, however, he hopes that the players will come back to make amends for the opening game against the White King on Tuesday, April 18, after losing 0-2 before the attack.

“We have a big game on Tuesday. There is no point in mourning. but in a professional way We need to understand why today is the way it is. and it’s not good for us I know the fans will still support. But we have to play with energy and fight to turn things around. And that’s what we have to do in the next game .