‘Konate’ confirms clearly made the right decision, rejecting 3 famous teams to move Joy ‘Swan’

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Ibrahima Konate defender behind perfume Has not regretted turning down the opportunity to play for Manchester United, Chelsea and Real Madrid, confident that Liverpool is the club he would like to join the team. Get it if you don’t go to UCL next season, aiming to win the league championship.

Liverpool defender Ibrahima Konate insists he previously had the chance to sign for Manchester United , Chelsea and Real Madrid , but opted for the UFABET home side Merseyside After speaking with Jurgen Klopp, the German boss and confident that it was the right decision. Although the current season, the Reds Army will show a very bad form, winning every championship cup. Plus ranked 8th, randomly risking losing a ticket to play UCL next season

'Konate' confirms clearly made the right decision, rejecting 3 famous teams to move Joy 'Swan'

The 23-year-old star moved from RB Leipzig in the German Bundesliga for £ 36 million or about 1,533 million baht in the summer of 2021, where he made 46 appearances in all competitions. 3 goals, which Red Machine has a chance to win 4 championships in 2021-2022 and if the defender behind the perfume I do not have problems with injuries that play from time to time. He will have a chance to play more. because it was placed to be Main defender paired with Virgil van Dijk 

“My answer to the question, Am I making the right decision? is to look at that first season. I came into a team that had the chance to win four trophies. Even if we get two cups But the other two trophies were very close. My reputation as a Liverpool player has been a great experience. And even though we’ve been through a good season until now What I went through in my first year was enough for me to say yes, I made the right decision,” said Gonate .

The Anfield side travel to Leeds United on Monday in the hopes of picking up an early win. And then slowly go to win in the next match To make it to the top four, even if it’s difficult, the defensive line Les Bleus insists that he still has the same determination and even if he doesn’t get the quota in the end, it will be a great incentive to focus. Concentrate on winning the Premier League title next season.

“We still have the same mentality and desire that this team has had in the last five years. The season isn’t over yet, so it’s difficult to analyze. But if we’re not in the top four We will have great motivation next time. And it will be an even greater motivation to play and do something special, so why not try to win the league again next season.”