It could be true! Tuchel reveals his biggest concern after Chelsea’s defeat to the Toffees

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Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel has warned his players of his concerns after the Blues’ 1-0 defeat at Everton in the Premier League last night.

   Thomas Tuchel has warned Chelsea playersthey risk not qualifying for the Champions League after a performance that angered the German. The Blue Lions have picked up four points from their last four matches, conceding seven goals during those games, and their performance at Goodison Park showed all the flaws in their squad. Whether it’s not being able to score goals or being unable to keep a clean sheet.

          Tuchel said he left £97m striker Romelu Lukaku on the bench as a first-half injury to Jorginho restricted his options. Chelsea manager Mateo Kovacic was forced to replace injured Jorginho. Tuchel confirmed that the substitution would prevent Lukaku from playing against his former club. Because we had to take Georgie off and we only replaced three.

          The German has also been dissatisfied with referee Kevin Friend‘s role and questioned why Everton’s intense and intense play was not penalized. But Tuchel did his best to show clearly. He was most disappointed with the way Chelsea played. The only goal of the UFABET game came from the mistake of Cesar Azpilicueta. Until giving a gift to Richarlison to score the winning goal

          Both Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal are now under pressure in the race for the top four. But Tuchel insists they still have a lot of work to do. And falling standards will make them more vulnerable to backlash in the later stages. I am very disappointed he said. “We know what will happen. [From Everton] and like in many games in the past we had trouble keeping clean sheets, of course I was worried about the top four. I never felt safe Four points in four games will not be enough. no matter which tournament we are in.”

          “What do I do? (with personal mistakes)? It was freeball, we lost the ball, it’s the worst thing that can happen to you in this atmosphere. But it happens too often. We had trouble playing without errors. That’s why we have trouble getting good results.” “If there’s something I can do, I’ll try. But if I knew I would have done it before. For me it is important to keep a clean sheet against Manchester United (1-1 last Thursday) a different game that is open. and flow more smoothly In the end we scored in the last few moments. and conceded the goal immediately.” “This is more like a game against West Ham. We kept a clean sheet and played without any major mistakes. And that gave us the chance to score in the late game. If you put your emotions and beliefs into a field like this Show that you have a problem.”

         Everton set off fireworks outside a Chelsea hotel early in the morning on matchday in an effort to disrupt the team’s sleep. But Tuchel confirmed that It did not affect the preparation of his team in any way. But he was annoyed with Friend. the referee in the game over “It would have been nice if the referee took better care of the game,” he said. “They survived (punishments) a lot, I wasn’t happy about it. But that’s what we have to face. And that is why it is extremely important not to make serious mistakes and to build trust in them.”