Catch the dots, how to play cards, dragon tiger for beginners free

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Dragon Tiger card is a game that is available in online casino games or casino free credit , whether bet camp but there are card games , dragon tiger, if you want to play dragon tiger cards. Want to make a profit or want to have money from playing You need to have nimble eyesight. have the ability to look Whether you focus on betting on which side, between the Tiger side or the Dragon side, or even a tie, from 5-6 decks of cards, with more than eighty thousand card designs, even if the Dragon Tiger game is a card game that just counts Positive, negative numbers, or if you know poker, you will know that the principle of playing is similar. is to count cards who is more

Dragon Tiger card game It’s a fast-paced, easy-to-finish game that earns quick money, but vice versa. If you don’t have the knowledge, can’t catch the Dragon Tiger card or do not know how to analyze the Tiger Dragon card, it may cause you to run out. Until the loss returned home easily as well, which the Dragon Tiger Master. said that If you are thinking of playing Dragon Tiger, you must have a method to play Dragon Tiger. Dragon Tiger Card Formula that can actually be used, current or if possible, should find a formula that can be used for a long time For beginners, it’s free that can be used all year 2021 until 2022 or beyond. If the game algorithm is not changed

Catch the dots, how to use, basic Dragon Tiger strategy.

1. Choose a card layout strategy

This step is to choose a card layout strategy that is easy to play, earns money quickly and for a long time in each round. Dragon Tiger It is a card that is very popular among gamblers. Because if you already know the technique of issuing Dragon Tiger cards. You will be able to profit from using This style of playing cards can be long-lasting, stable or profitable. Mahasan ever by the style of the card layout Dragon Tiger will be as follows

  • The card layout will come out in the form Either side wins consecutively, it is a long tail, for example, a dragon wins 5 consecutive turns, this is what they call Dragon Tiger

How to use the formula, Dragon Tiger card layout

  1. You need to find a room layout in which the cards come out in the form of which one side wins in a row.
  2. Let you analyze whether it is a real Dragon Tiger card or not. If you think that it is a real Dragon Tiger card You wait for the stroke of the stab
  3. by the way of stabbing You need to wait for the side that is the Dragon Tiger card loses first until it comes back as the Dragon Tiger card again. You bet on the side that is the Dragon Tiger card.
  4. To bet you should stick in the layout of the Dragon Tiger 3 times and stop. Waiting for the new original moment to enter the original style Keep repeating this cycle until you have a satisfactory profit.

2. Know the technique of compounding bets

You need to learn how to roll up your bets. In this article, we will talk about Techniques for compounding bets. Let’s listen closely to lay the foundation. For newbies, first let’s get a quick understanding of rollover bets. so you can understand how to play Or why use this technique?

As said, Dragon Tiger game is a game in the game group. Online casinos, therefore, every game of casino games requires you to have basic skills in the matter of rollover. When you lose from using one of these formulas The profit you will get back when you win will be 0 immediately. If you bet 50 in the 1st turn and you lose, your turn is dominant, you bet 150 to get your dem back. Along with increasing profits, etc., this is called compounding.

Know how to control one’s emotions

Playing online gambling is something that everyone has to have, it is emotional because the loss is something that will make everyone lose their mood, frustration, causing the profit that comes out of playing online gambling, that is, a big loss. how you control your emotions rarely follow gambling games It’s something you have to do. The beach lost that day until the money could no longer be compounded. recommend to stop playing and play again on the day you like it Or the day you have cold money to play only, but in the event that you lose in a game that digs more than 3 consecutive eyes, it is recommended that you control your emotions first and change the playing room immediately. In order to change the algorithm of the new room itself, if you can, the chances of profits coming back are definitely high.

4. Remember that the dealer always wins (special)

This item, bfh55 or bet form home will come to offer a special offer, because before you play the game, you do an analysis of Dragon Tiger cards. first by analyzing that Is the dealer winning? If the dealer wins or wins trick, the player uses the compound betting formula. down to the dealer immediately To increase the chance of profit from the loss back. This is a basic technique. If you are a racing If you want profits to come back quickly without changing rooms, waiting for a new beat, you can use the formula. You can bet on the banker’s side.

Summary of how to play dragon tiger to make profit for newbies

Dragon Tiger card is a card game that every player can make a real profit and easily if you have good skills or have a source of knowledge from them. Dragon Tiger Master who gave advice or if you want to know Other techniques that are High-level online gambling techniques can be viewed at the UFABET  website, but in this article If you follow all 4 steps that bey form home Casino online recommends, believe me, profits from playing online gambling or casino free credit, whether camp casino can make a profit. Absolutely, 100 percent sure.