‘Boat or Swan’, which team will win the title? Plus, escaping death is fun and exciting, don’t miss it

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“The Blues” Manchester City or “Reds” Liverpool, which team will win the Premier League? England only 4 matches left, fans. Do not blink, including winning the Champions League area. And the team at the end of the table that is escaping. Death is guaranteed to be exciting and exciting every week.

There are only 4 matches left. Who will be the English Premier League champion? “The Blues” Manchester City and “Reds” Liverpool, because both opponents 34 matches are equal, the Blues have 83 points ahead of the Reds. stay only one point Which last week, both of them won, making the chances of both of them still open to win the championship. By the next match, the blue sails Play in the Etihad Stadium faces “Salikadong” Newcastle United

As for the Reds, they will play at Anfield to cope. “Chicken Golden Spikes” Tottenham Hotspur, who are winning the Champions League area. which from the game can see that the Reds The program is a bit heavier than the Blue Sailboat. Fair enough, but playing in the country itself still looks advantageous. Look, both of them should not miss to win. making it now necessary to keep an eye on the situation of the couple on a match-by-match basis Which the legal casinos in England at the moment still give the blue sails Is one of the favorites to win the league this UFABET season to win.

While winning the Champions League area Now there are only 2 horses left. It is cannon Arsenal. The fourth team in 34 matches with 63 points ahead of Tottenham Hotspur. The fifth ranked team in 34 matches with 61 points. Only 2 points by shot in front of the cannon play in the emirates The stadium copes with “Yungthong” Leeds United, who are fleeing their lives in 34 matches, with 34 points ahead of the red zone, just two points. It doesn’t look easy, but it’s not as heavy as the golden spur chicken that Visit to Anfield who are forming the hottest Look, there is a chance that the cannon will score farther away in the game.

The escape area is equally fun. Because the chances of relegation still have to win up to 4 teams together with the latest situation, Burnley are doing an excellent job, winning 3 games in a row until moving to the 16th place, 34 matches, 34 points, equal to the ranking 17 Yungthong,  but the children can gain-lose better than that. While the team ranked 18, the “Toffee Blue” Everton just returned to win in the latest match. By slashing the win over Chelsea 1-0, collecting three important points for the breath in the end. As of now 33 games have been played with 32 points with 2 points in the safe zone. The next game must invade Leicester. Will he scoop up the handicap to escape death or not have to wait to win?

As for the  “Rampant Hornets”, Watford  called the coma a very high chance of falling. After opening the home battle to escape death with Burnley. Before missing a narrow defeat 1-2 sinking in 19th place in 34 matches with 22 points. It holding the bottom of the plum. Which although there are still 4 matches left.
But the opportunity is completely faded And most importantly, the results of the competition are also joined by helping to deliver. “Canary yellow” Norwich City,  who lost the last game to Aston Villa 2-0, were officially relegated to the first team in 34 games with only 21 points, which must be contested in the game this weekend. Another team that will be relegated in a row. Which team will it be between Burnley, Yungthong, Toffees and rampant Hornets? Fans must follow every match of the league without blinking because there can be ups and downs every week.